Addiction Counselling & Therapy

Addiction Counselling & Therapy

What is Addiction Counselling & Therapy ?

Addiction counselling and therapy is the process that a therapist goes through to help patients look at their daily habits, how they maintain their addiction and the effect that it has on the rest of their life, along with other issues as how they react to emotional distress and issues that may be contributing factors.

How can counselling and therapy help you overcome your addictions ?

There are many different types of counselling and therapies available to people who are trying to get over addictions, the type of therapy required and how long it takes depends largely on what the person is addicted to and how large their addiction has become.

Many patients with addiction problems find that with help from an addiction therapist they can overcome their addictions in few months.
As addictions are influenced by a variety of factors such as work, family and relationships, our therapist will look at how these factors affect patients and help them find ways of coping with difficult situations and changing their behaviour patterns. Once the root cause of the addiction and the patients behaviour patterns are better understood our addiction therapist will help patients create a treatment plan, designed to help them take control of their own behaviours and free themselves from the negative cycle of addiction. This is achieved by developing coping strategies and finding ways to reverse negative thinking, by doing this, patients are provided with the skills that they need to healthier life and positive lifestyles.