Couples Counselling & Therapy

Couples Counselling and Therapy in Toronto

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy involves a couple meeting together with a trained counselor to discuss their issues in a safe and supportive setting. It gives both parties the opportunity to bring forward their concerns within the relationship and a chance to hear and explore both points of view.

What Sort Of Issues Can Be Dealt With In Couples Therapy?

There are many issues that couples bring to a counselor. Most couples seek help because they are struggling to communicate with each other without support. This could be because of a family loss, infidelity, money worries, conflicts over children or just frequent disagreements.

Why Choose Counselling?

Counselling is the right choice in situations where couples have failed to resolve matters themselves. A counselor can offer an understanding third party view and can help facilitate conversations that couples otherwise would struggle to begin.

What Happens During Couples Therapy?

Both partners attend the session together along with the trained therapist. Initially an assessment session will allow both parties to raise any issues as well as outline their own histories and those of their relationship. This helps the therapist to pinpoint problems and allows them a deeper understanding of the issues. They can then advise on how to proceed.

How Can Counselling And Psychotherapy Help A Relationship?

Because couples are emotionally involved in their relationship they can often not see their own way forward. An objective third party like a counselor can offer impartial advice and help to offer a fresh view on matters. This can help couples see situations differently and highlight areas within their relationship where change is required should they choose to make those changes. The counselor acts as a mediator, assisting in finding alternative solutions to disagreements and aiding in the resolving of disputes and misunderstandings. Thanks to counselling, many couples are able to come through their troubles to a stronger relationship.