Eating Disorder Counselling & Therapy

Eating Disorder Counselling and Therapy in Toronto

What is Eating Disorder ?

Eating Disorder is an illness that is brought up due to abnormal eating habits that affect a person’s health mentally and physically. These disorders include binge, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, pica, rumination, avoidant, among others.

What is Eating disorder Counseling and Therapy ?

Eating disorder counseling and therapy is a process where a patient suffering from eating disorders is directed on what he/she should do to maintain his health by having a balanced diet, this health issue might become very dangerous if not treated.

How can Counseling and Psychotherapy help patients with eating disorders ?

Counseling and Psychotherapy can help your eating disorder in the following ways:

– It will help and encourage you not to think so much about the problem because you will divert your attention to another addiction.
– When necessary, your psychotherapist will work with you to develop a treatment plans to take control and free yourself from excessive eating .
– We will explore the root cause of your eating disorders and provide lasting solutions for the problem.
– We understand how patients behavior and mood are affected by listening to their thoughts and feelings, we then provide means of removing those negative thoughts.