Self-Esteem Counselling & Therapy

Low Self-esteem Counselling and Therapy in Toronto

Although it is normal to feel worthless at times, a person suffering from low self-esteem constantly feels incapable, unworthy and incompetent. In some people, this is an inborn trait that can be overcome through therapy while for others, it is acquired and can be caused by being ignored, emotional and physical abuse or even being expected to be perfect all the time.

Issues Associated with Low Self-esteem

When you have low self-esteem, you are likely to end up with a lot of problems. Some of the common ones include:

Fear and Anxiety: Someone who is not confident in himself or herself start developing unwanted traits such as anxiety and fear. In fact, anxiety is more of a cornerstone of low self-esteem. In most cases, those suffering from this condition have the fear of losing what they have, experiencing more humiliation, and doing something that confirms their inadequacy.

Self-Esteem Attacks: Self-esteem attacks are more like panic attacks. Unlike panic attacks, these lead to humiliation and devastation. When someone makes a mistake in front of others, self-esteem attacks come in when he confronts himself for his own perceived stupidity. During the attack, the person will turn red, feel embarrassed and look for a way to escape the session. A typical attack can last just a few minutes although there are individuals who will beat themselves up for hours or even days.

Emotional Shutdown: It is common for people who have low self-esteem to shut down in order to avoid further humiliation. This comes automatically since they want to shield their feelings and avoid being hurt. As a result, they will lower their expectations and be available during events but not participate. Above all, they will go silent since they believe they have nothing to offer and do not want to go through rejection again.

How can counselling and  therapy help low self-esteem patients ?

There is always a technique to restore your self-esteem and counseling is one of the best options.

You can get person-centered therapy to help you focus on your needs and also identify things that could be behind your low self-esteem. Psychotherapy that focuses on cognitive behavior can also help you overcome the negative self-beliefs, assumptions and faulty thoughts that make you feel trapped.

By raising your self-esteem, you will become your own guardian angel and best friend.