Sex Counselling & Therapy

Sex Counselling and Therapy in Toronto

What is Sex Counselling and Therapy ?

Sex therapy is a form of therapeutic counselling used to explore and resolve problems of a sexual nature. These problems can be either psychological or physical in nature, and can affect both couples or the life of a single person. While a large element of sex therapy can involve solving sexual issues in order to improve a relationship, sex therapy for individuals can also address a wide range of problems, such as addictions to pornography or cybersex, which can wreak havoc in the lives of otherwise grounded people. Sex therapy can also be tremendously helpful if the patient has undergone a sexual trauma at some stage in their lives.

For men, the following problems can be commonly solved by sex therapy

– low libido
– erectile dysfunction
– premature ejaculation
– delayed ejaculation


For women, the following problems can be commonly solved by sex therapy

– low libido
– painful intercourse (known as ‘vaginimus’)
– difficulty climaxing
– sexual inhibitions

How can Counselling and Therapy help your sexual life ?

For both men and women, sex therapy can also help address the potentially more emotional issues of the logistics of making love when faced with a disability, exploring previous issues of incest or abuse, or dealing with the aftermath of an illness, such as cancer, on one’s sex life.

While entering this type of therapy may feel very difficult – perhaps even embarrassing – sex can be a great indicator of your emotional or physical wellbeing. It can give you clues about your relationship and your true feelings for your partner – and theirs for you. If you’re single, you may notice that there are sexual behaviors or needs which are driving your social interactions or maybe undermining potential relationships. And more seriously, a sexual trauma, particularly when young, may have stolen your ability to feel confident and positive. By entering sex therapy, psychotherapy or counselling, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to enjoy one of life’s true joys – the intimacy and pleasure of a healthy sex life.